Intelligence is the ability of an individual to acquire and apply knowledge. My definition of intelligence is the realization and acknowledgment of the true nature of reality, without getting caught up in false illusions and assumptions. False are illusions that are common around us. The term related to 1) The power of intelligence 2) Why intelligence is undervalued 3) The definition of intelligence 4) What intelligence can’t do.
True intelligence is the realization and acknowledgment of how little we know. What, if I told you that a person’s intelligence is not a measure of how much one knows, but of how much one can realize? You can be the most intelligent person in the world, but if you refuse to acknowledge your ignorance, then you’re less intelligent than someone who knows just as much but is willing to admit what they don’t know.
We all want to be our best selves, but it’s not always easy to know how to go about it. In this blog post, I’ll share some tips that will help you in your quest for a more fulfilling life. “The meaning and purpose of life are not found in material possessions, but in relationships and in the service of others.”