Red color

Red is the most attractive and lucky color in Feng shui, a Chinese philosophy. It can be called as  geomancy, is a pseudoscience which started from China. The country China is an old country and has full of wisdom, told by my Chinese teacher. The main theory of Feng shui is to use natural forces and energy for synchronize yourself with surrounding and nature. It is believed that inner self has a power of attraction and easily adjust with surrounding, more adjustable than water!  It has similarity with  Taoism. The term Feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. It is symbol of good luck and prosperity. 

Red is an attractive color in color band. Fire can be represent as red.  It can be a good color for bag. Woman can carry red wallet. Though some Feng shui experts warn about having a red bag may recall the fire element and make you a big spender. As because red attracts red. However in other sense prosperity (red) attracts prosperity. 

Red is straightforward but highly sophisticated color. Can you consider to use your bag as red?  The bag will help you for prosperity and luck. Red is the color of human blood, so it is associated with energy, war, fear,  power,  strong determination as well as passion, expectation  and love. Red is a color of emotion. It increases human metabolism, positive effect on respiratory rate , and effects on blood pressure. It has high visibility, as because street danger signs are painted red. Courage is indicated by red.  It is a color found in many national flags. Red color have the power to hide test and images naturally. It has the power of domination. Can be used as buy now button. Woman’s are attracted by red as uses red lips, nails, bags etc. Electrical engineering, red is used as danger. All substations high voltage are marked as red. In eastern, marriage cloths of bride is red. In western in is white. Red color increase enthusiasm and increase surrounding stimulation.  

 In my life I never believed Yogism and also natural power. One day I was sitting in a hotel lobby. It was a nice morning. A man was crossing me and looking to me and was smiled.  Within a few minutes he become close to me. After several discussion it was found that he was a Yogi, believer and practitioner of natural power.  Then he started telling about me. My past, happenings of past, mistakes. He then started to tell about my future! What he was telling about my past was correct,absolutely. He left. 

Now a days I wait every day to see what he told. Road-map is known to me.Things are happening. In my eye there are lot of things in this world which is beyond logic. However things are happening.  Considering the fact I just want to tell you that just believe natural power. Things will be changed automatically.